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Famed for its warm welcome, attentive service and the quality of its equipment and facilities, Le Francis is a 4-star hotel, the Bayou Restaurant and Pub and conference rooms… all under the same roof. Located in New Richmond, on the bank of the magnificent Petite Cascapédia salmon river, the 38-room hotel has a heated outdoor pool and spa, hiking trails and a 40-metre bridge over the river as well as kayaks and bicycles for its clients. With one of the most impressive wine cellars on the Gaspé Peninsula, its pub/terrace and restaurant, each with its own distinct atmosphere and which together can seat up to 120 people, offer the same delicious evolving menu featuring local fare. Finally, the establishment also has two picture-windowed conference rooms that can be combined, with seating for up to 120 people.


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Some thirty people make up the establishment’s team, under the leadership of the following individuals.

Assistant Manager
ROSALIE BUJOLD, Hospitality supervisor and Front Desk Team Manager
Food Services Team Manager
CAROLE CORMIER, Housekeeping Team Manager
RÉJEANNE POIRIER, Bookkeeping Clerk

The team can be reached by e-mail at contact@hotelfrancis.qc.ca.


Offer our clients superior-quality accommodation, dining and business-meeting experiences by providing attentive service, superior comfort, inviting décor and a delicious menu with a local flavour.


Maintain 4-star quality standards by banking on the ongoing improvement of our facilities, gourmet experience and service, thanks to a professional, united and mobilised team, and remain an establishment recognised for its eco-responsible practices.


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Respect for individuals
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Team spirit and job satisfaction
  • Openness, innovation and ability to adapt
  • Ecoresponsibility



In general terms, sustainable development is defined as the rational management of human, natural and economic resources to meet our basic needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

We realise that the activities of our organisation indirectly and inevitably have an impact on our planet. We therefore recognise the importance of initiating a sustainable development process in order to do our part to reduce our ecological footprint and maximise our social impact.

Hôtel Le Francis and Resto-Pub Bayou wish to contribute, through small daily actions and various initiatives, to the growth and viability of their business in a sustainable development ecosystem.

Our goal is to promote a corporate culture that respects the environment, while creating a harmonious climate for our clients, our employees and our community.

To view our entire sustainable development policy, click here


Hôtel Le Francis and Bayou Restaurant and Pub are pleased to be involved in the community by supporting certain cultural and sports events, and by sponsoring sports teams and social clubs.


First of all, we thank you in advance for the few minutes you are taking to learn about our new measures surrounding the current situation. We appreciate it very much.

Our priority is the well-being and safety of all: Clients, Employees, and our Community

In the wake of the events surrounding VIDOC-19, Hotel Le Francis has taken sanitary measures in accordance with government recommendations. They are as follows:


Specific measures to protect the health and safety of all:

  • Obligation on everyone’s part not to come to our establishment if they are experiencing one or more symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, breathing difficulties, loss of sense of smell, extreme fatigue) or if they have been in contact with an infected person.
  • Social distancing measures mandatory for all.
  • Ground markings for possible queues at the front desk.
  • Obligation to disinfect hands via a hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser.
  • One-way protocol mandatory for all.
  • One-way external access doors (entry/exit only) mandatory for all.
  • Obligation for all to respect and rigorously apply – at all times – these sanitary mechanisms and measures.
  • Reinforced room disinfection protocol.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of public areas and reception.
  • Limitation of three guests in the hotel lobby and obligation to wait outside if this is the case. Entering only when space becomes available.


Please note:

  • Upon arrival, all guests (including accompanying persons) will be required to answer questions related to COVID-19. Be aware that if any of them have symptoms or if they have been in contact with an infected person, they will be placed in isolation and their condition will be transferred to Public Health Agency immediately. Furthermore, we have detailed procedures in place, in the event that a client develops symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Following the listing of these measures, our customers must ensure that they have fully understood them; they are mandatory and everyone must comply with them.


Management of early arrivals:

  • No room will be available before 4:00 p.m. (time that corresponds to our clients’ reception policy). The goal is not to disturb the work of our cleaning staff, who are overworked by this situation. However, you can leave your luggage at our front desk office.
  • Internal procedures have been established in the event of non-compliance with the mechanisms and sanitary measures; our employees are authorized to intervene.
  • If a customer observes non-compliance with the mechanisms and sanitary measures, we encourage them to mention it as soon as possible at the reception desk, so that we can react quickly.
  • Some services are closed or have limited access. Please refer to the “Services and Activities” sub-page to find out about them.


Special measures to protect the health and safety of our room cleaning staff:

  • All requests for additional supplies from a client during their stay (ex: request for additional towels, toilet paper) must be made directly at the reception and not via a room maid that they meet during their stay. Our staff is advised that they must redirect the client to the reception desk in order to respect the mandatory social distancing measures.
  • In order to minimize the possibility of COVID-19 infections to our employees, we will not provide refreshments in a room (occupied or not) during a stay of two days or more.


Commitment to compliance on the part of our customers:

Since the risks of transmission of COVID-19 are high, Hotel Le Francis relies on the good faith and goodwill of all its guests regarding the rigorous application of the health measures implemented in its business. Hotel Le Francis will ensure that the measures in place are applied and will intervene in the event of a defect.  All of this is done in order to protect the health, safety and physical integrity of its customerss, employees, the company and the community.


If you have any questions at any time, you may contact the front desk.


Thank you for your collaboration and we look forward to welcoming you.


Francis and Alexandrine Cyr bought the lot located along the Petite Cascapédia River from Hernest Guité and Aline Cyr to establish Hôtel-Motel Francis in 1965. The triangular central portion, a distinctive feature of the establishment, was built at that time, with 22 motel units with balconies and views overlooking the river. The establishment was owned in later years by several different owners, one after the other, until the enterprise declared bankruptcy in 1989; at the time, it was essentially known for its disco-bar component. In that same year, the property was acquired by Lucille Roy-Duchesneau, who was determined to make it a reputed establishment. The daughter of a family of hotel owners, she had a very specific vision: Upgrade the establishment to make it a friendly, superior quality hotel. [Read on, in French only]

En 1995, souhaitant donner accès à la nature en bordure de la rivière à saumon Petite Cascapédia, l’Hôtel Le Francis construit un pont de 40 m traversant ce magnifique cours d’eau émeraude et d’aménager des sentiers pédestres. Par la suite, Mme Roy-Duchesneau et son fils, Daniel Duchesneau, directeur adjoint depuis 1997, remettent pratiquement à neuf tout l’établissement. Lors de la première phase de travaux, représentant 4,5 M$ d’investissements, le premier grand projet de Daniel Duchesneau est de transformer le petit bar de l’hôtel pour en faire le désormais réputé Pub Bayou, ouvert au printemps 1999. Il compte 40 places, puis environ 10 autres sur la terrasse. Le disco-bar au sous-sol est aussi transformé en salles de conférence fenestrées avec accès extérieur.

Une seconde phase de travaux, à compter de 2003, a nécessité plus de 2,5 M$ d’investissements. La grande majorité des chambres et l’extérieur du bâtiment ont été reconstruits, les salles de bain ont été rénovées, le mobilier a été changé, les balcons ont été réaménagés et les chambres ont subi une cure de beauté. L’établissement compte depuis lors 14 chambres standard, 14 chambres confort, sept chambres supérieures et une suite, totalisant 38 unités.

L’établissement s’est aussi doté d’équipements et infrastructures visant à rendre l’expérience client encore plus agréable. Une piscine chauffée et un spa extérieurs ont été aménagés, puis des kayaks et vélos sont rendus disponibles pour la clientèle. Les salles de réunion sont redécorées. L’informatisation de la réception, l’installation de serrures électroniques et de l’air conditionné, de même que l’accès à Internet haute vitesse sans fil dans tout l’établissement comptent parmi les autres améliorations effectuées au fil des ans. À force de changements, l’entreprise a voulu porter un nom digne de son évolution, en modifiant son appellation pour Hôtel Le Francis en 2004. Un nouveau logo et de nouveaux outils promotionnels ont aussi été réalisés.

En 2005, l’Hôtel Le Francis s’est vu attribuer 4 étoiles par la Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec, devenant l’hôtel à la plus haute classification de la MRC de Bonaventure. Il possède aussi la certification Qualité Tourisme Gaspésie depuis 2012.

Création du Resto Bayou
En 2009, la cuisine – complètement électrique depuis 2000 – a subi des travaux importants. En 2010-2011, des transformations majeures ont aussi été faites à la réception, dans le hall d’entrée et dans la salle à manger. Cette dernière a été repensée en entier pour faire place au Resto Bayou, doté d’un foyer central, d’un cellier pouvant accueillir plus de 1000 bouteilles et de 20 places assises supplémentaires. Grâce à son atmosphère chaleureuse, plus urbaine et moins sportive que celle du Pub Bayou, le Resto Bayou, qui compte 70 places, complète à merveille l’offre de l’établissement. Les Resto et le Pub proposent un même savoureux menu, dans deux ambiances bien distinctes.

En 2011, fort d’une solide expérience de 14 ans à titre de directeur adjoint, Daniel Duchesneau prend officiellement les rênes de l’Hôtel Le Francis comme directeur général et poursuit sa vision de développement.

En 2013, la Ville de New Richmond et l’Hôtel Le Francis deviennent les premiers partenaires de la Gaspésie à se joindre au grand réseau de recharge public pour véhicules électriques, ce qui démontre clairement la préoccupation environnementale de l’entreprise.

À la fin 2015, l’établissement entreprend une démarche de communication-marketing pour actualiser son logo, faire une refonte de son site Web et renouveler son menu.


The efforts made by Hôtel Le Francis over the years to perfect its facilities and services have earned the establishment and its management numerous awards. [+]

National awards

2007 : Lucille Roy-Duchesneau (General Manager from 1989 to 2011)
Prix Femmes d’affaires du Québec, Category “Entrepreneur – medium-sized enterprise”
Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec


2006 : Hôtel Le Francis
Prix national or
Grands Prix du Tourisme québécois, Category “Up to 50 rooms”


2006 : Hôtel Le Francis
Prix Chevalier de l’Ordre du mérite hôtelier
Association des hôteliers du Québec


2006 : Lucille Roy-Duchesneau (General Manager from 1989 to 2011)
Prix Hôtelier de l’année
Association des hôteliers du Québec


Regional and supralocal awards

2011 : Lucille Roy-Duchesneau (General Manager from 1989 to 2011)
Prix Jacques-Saint-Onge, Personality of the Year
Chambre de commerce de la MRC de Bonaventure


2010 : Lucille Roy-Duchesneau (General Manager from 1989 to 2011)
Prix de l’excellence touristique
Association touristique régionale de la Gaspésie