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Served with homemade hash browns, homemade apple butter, toast, fresh fruits and drip coffee

1 egg / 7.50

2 eggs / 8.50

1 egg with bacon, ham, sausage or cheddar / 9

2 eggs with bacon, ham, sausage or cheddar / 10

A votre santé ** / 16
Poached egg on lettuce, tomato, avocado purée and cheddar; Served with small bowl of fruits, yogurt and crunchy cereal, homemade banana and black chocolate bread, homemade apple butter and multigrain toast

Le bon vivant ** / 16
2 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cretons, cheddar cheese, homemade pork and beans, pancake, maple syrup, homemade hash browns, toast and fresh fruit

Le lendemain du Bayou** / 16
Cassoulet of homemade hash browns, onions, bacon, sausage and ham topped with Hollandaise sauce and cheese curds; Served with maple syrup


Served with homemade hash browns, toast, fresh fruit and drip coffee

Plain / 9

Ham and cheese Choice of monterey jack, cheddar or goat cheese / 14

Légumes Bayou / 12
Red sweet pepper, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, garlic and Cajun spices

Espagnole ** / 15
Diced chorizo, red sweet pepper, tomato, garlic and onion

Forest mushrooms ** / 15
Diced chorizo, red sweet peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions


Served with homade hash brown, fresh fruit and drip coffee

Le Take out  / 10
English muffin; Served with meat or cheddar cheese and egg, lettuce, red onions, tomato and mayonnaise

Le Sandwich Francis / 14
French toasts filled with ham, cheddar cheese and egg; Served with vanilla yoghurt and maple syrup

Bagel saumon fumé Atkins ** / 16

Toasted quesadilla / 14
Tortilla filled with grated Monterey jack and Cheddar. Scramble eggs, ham and red onions, mild salsa and sour cream

Eggs Benedict

1 or 2 poached eggs on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce; Served with homemade hash browns, fresh fruits and drip coffee

Ham / 12.50 / 15

Espagnole ** / 13.50 / 16
2 Diced chorizo, red sweet pepper, tomato, garlic and onion

Atkins smoked salmon and spinach ** / 14 / 17

Goat cheese, dried tomato and basil ** / 14 / 17

Duck confit and leek **  / 14 / 17

Bread, cereal and fruit

Served with drip coffee

Cereal   Choice of corn flakes, müeslix, all Bran or harvest crunch / 5

Roasted whole grain porridge and multigrain toast / 8
Served with brown sugar, milk and fresh fruits

Muffin of the day with crumble / 5

Toasts  – served with fresh fruit – Choice of white bread (2), baguette (¼), multigrain bread (1) or bagel (1) / 5

Homemade banana-almond bread / 5

Crunchy fruit cup / 11
Fresh fruits, müeslix, caramelised nuts, vanilla yogurt, homemade raspberry coulis and maple syrup

Grilled cheese

Served with homemade hash browns, fresh fruit and drip coffee

Three-cheese / 12.50
Goat, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese

Apple and bacon / 13.50
Cheddar, apple, bacon, and homemade apple butter

Mushrooms, parmesan cheese and arugula **/ 15
Parmesan, cheddar, mushrooms and homemade arugula pesto

French toast and crêpes (thin pancakes)

Served drip coffee

Plain French toasts (2) or crêpes (3) / 10.50
Served with maple syrup, homemade apple butter and fresh fruits

Two-chocolate banana French toasts (2) or crêpes (2) / 13
Homemade semi-sweet chocolate sauce, white chocolate chips, homemade raspberry coulis and whipped cream

Caramelised apple, date purée, cheddar and walnut French toasts (2) or crêpes (2)/ 15
Served with homemade apple butter

Crêpes (2) filled with ham, cheddar and tomato salsa / 13.50
Served with maple syrup

Atkins smoked salmon crêpes (2) filled with asparagus, cream cheese and tomato salsa ** / 18
Served with maple syrup




* Promotion available only offered on the birthday (you’ll have to show a valid id card). Each person in the group has to order a breakfast. Certain conditions apply.


** Promotions do not apply


Regular coffee / 3

Tea / 3

Infusion / 3

Allongé / 4

Café au lait (cup) / 4

Café au lait (bowl) / 5

Cappuccino / Small 4 / Large 5

Espresso / 3

Hot chocolate / 3.50

Juice (orange, apple, grapefruit): Small 2.75 / Large 3.50

Lait : Small 2.75 / Large 3.50

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